The rules of “100 days to a graphic designer” challenge

…which I have crafted myself and so it is doomed to be changed a little over the next few weeks


Daily rules:

  1. Study theory of graphic design for at least 1 hour. The theory includes: Fundamentals of Art, Typography and Graphic Design Theory (whatever I can find on the almighty World Wide Web.
  2. Practice at least 2 hours a day using the theory knowledge acquired. Practicing might be: Sketching, Logo Designing, working on Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, creating Animation or maintaining the website.
  3. Study foreign language – Danish. First of all, I do believe in higher education in Denmark. So, I would love to get an opportunity to study there. And knowing the language is a HUGE plus when you try to live in another country.


The time spent reading books related to Graphic Design, taking online courses and using other similar resources will be count as STUDYING or PRACTICING time.


To my dearest followers I promise:

  1. Tweet about my progress every single day as @Zero2HeroDesign using the hashtags: #100DaysOfGraphicDesign and #ZerotoHeroDesign.
  2. Be active on Facebook group Zero to Hero Design. Share my progress as well as useful tips and tricks.
  3. Keep the website updated at least weekly.


I DO NOT commit to a 100 logos in a 100 days challenge. I want to become a great and capable graphic designer therefore I will need to acquire knowledge as well as skills required to become one in all the fields related to the topic. I commit to a 100 days to a graphic designer challenge which I tailored for my needs (theory in all subjects as well as practice).

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