The Creature Story

Some of my deep dark secrets...

Let’s get to know Gabby!


Once upon a time a darn cute little creature was born in Lithuania. The creature had curly hair and dressed like a girl. She was named Gabriella Gintare Rozenaite, which quickly became GABBY (no-one probably wondered why…).

Gabby… studied! She never felt a need to try too hard. She would do above average without breaking a sweat.

One day Gabby decided to see the world! She traveled to the land of amazing weather, great history and chill-axed people – Greece. There she found a prince who took her under his wing, taught her many things. He marked her as his own and made a huge ball!

Gabby finished her white magic beauty school and discovered something wild called a Job. Not long after she also discovered it’s helper in need. The great Netflix which made her days pass in ease… calm and comfortable. Her life was full she felt. But that could not be all she said!

Gabby remembered when she was just a creature dressed like a girl. The times where people looked at her with great hopes. The times when herself would run around fighting ninjas and beasts. Keeping the treehouse over the river free of weeds! She remembered she used to draw. She remembered the feeling she had when a blank paper would fall into her hands. She remembered the freedom of doing what she… likes!

The story of Gabby did not finish there. She made a decision to do her magic elsewhere! She started the struggle of walking the road to great knowledge and great future by putting a great effort which she had a lot in reserve! The future where the creature can do what she likes – creating magic that would last and change other creatures’s like her lives!


Not yet a Graphic Designer, but on the road to becoming one!



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